Burberry Quilted cranberry parkaBurberry Quilted cranberry parka

Burberry Quilted Cranberry Hooded Parka Fur Trim Large


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Burberry Quilted cranberry parkaSaucy cranberry  parka by Burberry, size Large will keep you toasty warm and looking stylish in town or country. Flannel lining in the traditional Burberry plaid, zipper front and fur trimmed hood accentuate this classic parka style jacket. Four, count ’em four zipper pockets on the front will store gloves, earmuffs, phone and lipstick so you will feel warm and look fabulous.  Cinch in the waist for a more fitted contour or let it out to accommodate a bulky sweater (or Thanksgiving dinner!) Buying upscale resale is a great way to buy this designer label as you’ll save hundreds off the original retail of $995.