Not Available | Anaconda Handcrafted Ring | Pink Agate | White & Rose Gold

Twist handcrafted ring Anaconda jewelry in boxTwist handcrafted ring Anaconda jewelry in box

Not Available | Anaconda Handcrafted Ring | Pink Agate | White & Rose Gold

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: Anaconda handcrafted ring from Twist Jewelry, Portland, Oregon

Size: 7

Color: Pale pink, gold, rose gold

Wearing Suggestions: Despite the designer’s name – Anaconda, you’ll not be bitten, only smitten by this beautiful handcrafted ring. We’ve been struggling with what to call the color of the agate. You’ll agree that pink seems somehow inadequate to the task. It’s somehow a bit softer or dustier a shade than rose quartz. Perhaps we’ll call it “dusty cherry blossom.” Whatever name you ascribe to it, it’s a lovely semi-opaque stone cut in a beautiful large emerald shape.

The band itself is white gold, and features fine grain texturing at the sides. The inside of the band has been altered from its original smooth band with two small gold spheres. The addition of the small “stops” at the back prevents the ring from sliding around on your finger. If you’ve ever had a ring that was heavier at the top, you’ll be familiar with this phenomenon. The heavier stone at the top of the band constantly wants to slip sideways to fall to the bottom of your finger. The “stops”are completely unnoticeable when the ring is on, and do not dig into the back of your finger at all. In fact, you’ll be able to enjoy the ring more knowing that you don’t have to constantly adjust it. An ingenious solution!

By using rose gold for the bezel of the ring, it subtly emphasizes the pink color of the agate and creates a lovely glow. Treat yourself or someone who you hold dear to this beautiful heirloom ring. It is truly gorgeous! Have you fallen in love with the ring, but the size isn’t perfect? Don’t worry, you can take it to be resized by a professional jeweler.

The artist has dubbed this ring the “Big Marie Aimee” for reasons we can only guess. You get to make up your own backstory, we’re going with a Marie Antoinette theme.

Materials: 19K white gold band, 18K rose gold bezel, pink agate stone

Condition: Excellent. comes with the description card and insurance valuation; and the original ring box from Twist

Details: The original retail price of this stunning handcrafted ring was $2355.00 so you’ll want to insure it. Nevertheless, you’ll save over 35% by buying this exquisite ring resale.

Location: Slip into something comfortable – a handcrafted ring by Anaconda, at our Johns Landing location, 0511 SW Carolina Street, Portland OR 97239.

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Author: Chris Gauger

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