Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween creeps up behind you (YIKES!) at a point in the year when time goes much too quickly and your to-do list feels like a zombie horde stalking you.  So when you’re invited to three different Halloween parties, sometimes it’s hard not to groan and wonder how and when you’ll get a good enough costume together.  Never fear, because here is my Halloween treat for you:  four unique but easy costume ideas to get your creativity going!  Be sure to click on each Pinterest link to view an inspiration board.

Classy – Audrey Hepburn

Costume ingredients: Little Black Dress, black pumps, costume jewelry, up-do.

Audrey Hepburn, Costume ideas, HalloweenThis is the ultimate costume for the woman who wants to look pretty on Halloween but still be festive. The beauty of this costume is that Audrey is such an icon that it only takes a few ingredients to get the message across.  Besides, who doesn’t want to channel the most graceful, stylish lady that ever was?

Edgy – Lorde

Costume ingredients: Black dress or separates, big curly hair, your darkest lipstick, your chunkiest black shoes/boots.

Costume Ideas, Lorde, HalloweenNow for an all-black look that is something completely different–the alt-pop musician Lorde who makes goth look high fashion and effortlessly chic. This is my chosen costume for this Halloween, because it’s low-maitenence and gives me the opportunity to feel really cool for one day of the year.  Also, I really wanted an excuse to buy some purple lipstick.

Crafty – Watermelon

Costume ingredients: A pink or red dress (or separates), a green circle scarf, and black paper or felt for the seeds.  Add polka-dot tights if you have them (they’ll look like tiny seeds!).

Watermelon, Costume ideas, HalloweenIf you’re looking for something sweet and simple, but still want to put your own personal touch to your costume, consider being something that can easily be accomplished with color-blocking and a quick addition. For instance, for this look, once you have your pink or red dress on and green “rind” circle scarf, you’re 3/4 of the way there.  Simply cut out a dozen or more black seeds in paper and tape them to your skirt, or if you have the time and are comfortable with it, cut out black felt and sew each down with a couple of stitches.  If you use tape, be sure to test out different kinds so you find one that suits the fabric best–you don’t want to be planting seeds on the floor at your friend’s house during her Halloween party! I’d also recommend applying them only to the front of the skirt if you use this method, so they don’t come off when you sit down.

Quirky – Leslie Knope

Costume ingredients: Pant or skirt suit, blouse or button-up, sensible heels, a printed-out KNOPE 2012 button, waffles.

Leslie Knope, Costume Ideas, HalloweenIf you’re a working woman who must dash from work to play, Pawnee’s one and only Parks & Recreation Director Leslie Knope, played by the lovely Amy Poehler, might be just the costume for you.  It’s always a plus when your costume lets you know who you should be friends with at a party–they’ll come right up to you and tell you how awesome your costume is, to which you’ll reply, “Let’s be best friends!”quicker than you can say Lil’ Sebastian.

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