Fall Fashion 2018: Things to Look for

Prada ankle boots grey suede

The mornings and evenings are becoming cooler, the leaves are falling – yes, the summer is gone and autumn is here. With the change of the season, you have to change your outfit too.

The fact is that the colors and nuances of autumn are amazing – butterscotch, bring yellow, caramel, olives, cream etc. It’s a really colorful season which makes it easier for fashionistas to find statement pieces of clothing that will make them stand out. Even though every individual is different, the truth is that there are a few pieces of clothing that are considered to be wardrobe essentials when it comes to fall fashion.

Let’s start this informal list with one of the most basic options we have for this period of the year. Some of you may have guessed that we are talking about jeans. There are some subtle changes when it comes to the nuances and cuts of jeans, but what you should look for this year is skinny jeans. It would be nice if you can find a matching pair of closed-toed heels for your jeans this year. For all the brave women out there, we have a bolder suggestion – buy patterned skinny jeans with dots, floral motifs and other decorations. It’s definitely easy to notice someone wearing this kind of clothing. We should also mention that leggings will remain popular this year too, but to make things more interesting, you should check other colors than the simple black color. Purple, pink or deep blue colors with an army—style jacket can become your winning combination.

While we are talking about clothes inspired by the army, we should point out that this type of clothing is becoming popular again. Khaki-colored skirts, vests, anoraks and shirts, beige dresses and other things that remind people of the military are all good choices. By wearing some accessories, you can reduce the manly look. Make combinations with jeans and flats, but make sure that you look like a woman not like a soldier.

If you are interested in buying something casual, our advice is to try a sweater dress. This is the best option in case you are looking for a casual, classic appearance. Wear the dress over skinny jeans, blue leggings or pants made of wool if you want to. There are sweater dresses in many different colors, but our advice is to wear ones that come in more neutral colors like beige, brown or gray.

Finally, look for a big bag because they are trendy again. This time, you can try a more vibrant color. Make sure that the bag has a few compartments – this is something that will make your life easier.

Many of these pieces of clothing that we’ve mentioned are made by big brands. If you want to buy designer clothes, but you don’t have enough money our advice is to try some of the popular consignment shops like HWGA in Portland. You don’t have to spend a lot to look great!


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