Designer Accessories: How To Prepare For Summer?

Anna Sui Kimono jacket

Summer is getting closer and closer. For many fashionistas, this means only one thing – they have to be prepared with the best designer accessories to feel great and look attractive. This means that you should get some nice shorts, big hats, large bags, fancy sandals and other things that will make you shine. Summer is the time of the year when you should wear lightweight fabrics in vivid colors and with a hood plan, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get attractive designer accessories for your wardrobe. Keep in mind that you can always use consignment shops like Here We Go Again to look trendy without spending too much money. Now let’s see how to prepare for summer!

Get a few basic pieces of clothing and accessories

It is very important to have a few basic bottoms and tops for this time of the year. Don’t forget that fancy designer accessories can make them look even better. So, start by stocking your home with linen, denim, heavy cotton and other types of shorts. In addition, look for tank tops in one color (black is a must) and focus on finding t-shirts with unique prints and messages. These are the things that you can wear almost everywhere – casual brunches, your weekends on the beach, late BBQs and more.

Opt for the best designer shoes

It may be difficult to find trendy inexpensive footwear for the winter period because boots are usually expensive. However, the situation is completely different when it comes to summer period. This is especially true if you are shopping in consignment shops. Summer designer shoes are more casual and usually more affordable too. Look for nice solid colored sneakers, flip flops, sandals and minimalistic sandals that will match your evening dress. Consider all the combinations you can make with your new pair of summer shoes before you actually buy a pair.

Stick to specific trends

Before the summer begins, you can find a wide array of skirts, hats, belts, dresses and other pieces of clothing in the stores. But, what many women fail to understand is that they can’t have them all. The best idea is to stick to specific trends and styles and buy items that belong to these trends and styles. Our advice is to keep things as simple as possible because even simple summer accessories look great.

Don’t show too much skin

This advice may seem a little bit odd, but showing too much skin in the summer can look unattractive and it can be even dangerous if you are spending too much time in the sun. Just focus on lightweight cardigans and longer dresses that guarantee good air flow. While we are talking about staying cool, we recommend using larger bags where you can keep the necessary accessories for the summer period like sunscreens, lip balms, body sprays and more.

We hope that this short guide will help you find the right summer designer accessories.


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