Consignment Shop Shopping Tips

Shopping tips

What’s your favorite style? Is there any dress code in your office? If you are planning on using consignment shops, you should answer these and a few other questions. In order to define your unique style and head to the consignment shop near you, it’s crucial to read these tips.

What do you wear during regular weeks?

There are many ladies out there who prefer t-shirts and jeans over other combinations. However, in case you are working at a bank Monday to Friday, you have to own a few suits or at least a mixture of blouses, tops, skirts, and jackets. These are the clothes that you have to wear at work. Of course, you probably have a private life where no one can tell you how to dress. So, it’s a good idea to use a consignment store to buy a few pairs of jeans and a few designer t-shirts in different colors. You can also find a nice necklace and/or scarf to spice up things a little bit.

Pick the right colors

There’s no need to take the season into account in case you have found out which colors look the best one you. One of the best ways to determine this is to try a few different scarves. Check your appearance on a natural light if possible. The main objective is to highlight your eyes and face. This testing starts with blue, red and yellow colors. They represent primary colors. After that, you should check the secondary colors including orange, purple and green. Select the most suitable color schemes for your skin type. Take the color of your eyes and hair into account too. of course, you should not forget the rest of the basic colors – brown, black and white.

Think about your body

While it’s true that this is an annoying part of the preparation, it’s also true that most people can’t wear all the pieces of clothing without emphasizing the flaws of their bodies. Check your back, side and front profiles and compare the width of your hips with the shoulders and waist. Do you have a straight body type or maybe you have an inverse triangle, apple or pear body type? The answer to this question will help you find the best clothes for your body. Additionally, you should think about your body needs. Some of us have bigger arms while others have bigger legs. Choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable.

Analyze your social life

The last step that you should take in this process is to analyze your social life. In case you are often going out at night on night events, you should focus on business casual clothes. In case you are working from your home, a straight casual style probably suits you the best.

Shopping at consignment shops like here We Go Again is both fun and useful. You can find great pieces of clothing even from designers at a more than reasonable price.


Does the body type play a role in defining my style?

Yes. Only a small number of people have a perfect body. There’s no need to highlight your flaws when there are many styles and pieces of clothing that can help you look better.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on clothes in order to look good?

No. You can buy designer clothes from consignment shops where you can find high-quality clothes that look as good as new.


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