Our shoppers love fashionable, fun clothes that feel good and look great! Name brands and the hottest designer labels always sell well. Although black and white is a closet staple, we also LOVE color! We love consignment shoes, used designer handbags, and boots in like-new condition. As a rule, two years or newer in style appeals to our shoppers the most.

We like to keep our clothing consignment simple:

  • Bring in clean, pressed, hanging items anytime we’re open!
  • Current season – call if you’re unsure about what we’re accepting now.
  • Wait while we review them quickly and return your hangers.
  • Items are left for a two-month selling period.
  • We’ll pay you 40% on items that sell, items that sell for $50 and up net you 50% ; high-end items that sell for $400 or more, you’ll be paid 60%.
  • Pick up items at the end if you like.
  • Payment is issued any time, on demand.
  • Call us anytime to check in.
  • Use your credit towards purchases anytime at either location!

Upscale labels we love for resale –
and so do our shoppers:

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