Confessions Of A Leaf Freak ~ Do Fashion And Gardening Intersect?

fashion and gardening with leaf texture

fashion and gardening - its about textureDo fashion and gardening intersect? If so, how? I believe they do! After all, it’s all about composition, combinations and color. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve probably realized that green is my favorite color. I have a hard time choosing a particular shade, but am partial to a lime green, citrus-y hue. It’s the color of our logo, it’s the color of the Johns Landing storefront, its influence is everywhere at Here We Go Again, as well as in my closet. In addition to clothing and fashion, gardening is one of my true joys.

indumentum resizedTime spent in the garden renews me, and although my back may hurt at the end of a long session weeding or planting, my heart is grateful and my brain refreshed. Tending my garden gives me a sense of accomplishment. In general, projects tend to find me and I like the challenge. While my garden is never finished, it can be beautified by weeding, relocating plants, pruning or planting a newly-found green treasure. I visit nurseries the same way I shop resale: hunting for a plant I’ve lusted after, finding the unexpected texture or color that’s missing from a corner of my garden. In short, it’s just a different type of treasure hunt.Fashion and gardening - it's about contrast

Because I love green so much, plus generally speaking, I’m a practical person, I like to garden for year-round interest. That means I look for leaves!fashion and gardening - it's about contrast Interesting shapes, textures, colors, contrast. I love the infinite variety engendered in leaves. I love how they look when they co-mingle. (I don’t suffer thugs, though, so I’ve been known to yank out plants that don’t play well with others!) Hello, my name is Chris and I’m a leaf freak.

Fashion and gardening - it's about patternI am occasionally drawn to flowers, too, it’s not that I have anything against them.  It’s just that they’re so…fleeting. I like plants that look good for longer than their bloom time. I feel the same way about my clothes. Can I mix and match, can they be combined in unexpected ways? Are they intriguing? Fashion and gardening – I’m telling yofashion and gardening -sometimes it is the flowersu – they have a lot in common! If I were truly disciplined (I’m not.) I’d have a moon garden, with all white flowers. I started out that direction, but along the path I was seduced by other features: growth habit, killer flowers, leaf texture, and my biggest weakness – rarity! If a nursery owner wants to suck me in, all they have to do is put a little tag in the pot that says “Rare speciman!” Out comes the credit card, they hooked and gardening - it's about color

As with plants, I can spot the designer item on a rack at 20 paces. Let me feel that fabric and I’m a goner. Unusual construction? Asymmetrical features? Contrasting prints? With fashion and gardening, I’m so predictable.

You may not swoon over plants the way I do, or sigh heavily at the touch of a silk crepe, but I do hope you see the beauty in a million shades of green.Leaf texture6 resized

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of mothers and especially mothers who garden, stop by the stores for our annual free herb plant with purchase this Friday-Sunday, May 6,7 & 8.

Author: Chris Gauger

Chris is a self-confessed resale fashionista. A fashion recycler from an early age, she learned the consignment business from her mother, Jan Gauger, at omt divine resale in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chris moved to Portland, Oregon in 1990 and immediately felt at home, among her people. She started Here We Go Again Deluxe Resale Boutique in 1992 and has never looked back. The second location of her store opened in 1997. Chris loves pretty much everything about clothes and fashion, but she has a serious boot and shoe addiction that is fed by the two stores. It's doubtful she will ever be recovered. In addition to clothes, Chris loves mentoring young women and teaching them about what it takes to run and manage a small business. She has employed some pretty remarkable women over the years and is grateful for all they've done to help grow Here We Go Again. She is a Hoosier by birth, but was raised in Nebraska. She has two sisters who continue to run the consignment store there, and one brother who has sense enough to stay out of the way. Her husband of twenty-seven years, is a land use planner and the fix-anything-guru that Chris relies upon more often than she'd like.

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