Body Positivity & Resale Shopping

Accentuate The Positive!

Here We Go Again is a go-to place for body positivity. Our job is to help you be the most fabulous you that you can be. Your size and your budget are irrelevant. Of course, we want you to be healthy and happy, but everyone deserves to look great and feel wonderful in their bodies and their clothing.

Consignment Intake

Admittedly, one of the frustrations we have in the women’s clothing consignment business is that we literally have no control over what comes in our doors. While we want to promote body positivity, some weeks all that comes in for consignment is size small. Those are sad weeks for us, because we want to have resale clothing for  women of all sizes and shapes. We’re elated on those days when we get a range of sizes, from tiny to curvy!  But just because consignors bring us X-large to 3X, doesn’t mean that we can always accept it. We have standards for quality and condition, and if the curvy size clothing doesn’t meet them, the answer is no. Fashion is our business, and we don’t want you leaving our shop feeling anything less than thrilled with your new treasures. We want all sizes, but we still want cute and comfortable clothing, that’s going to wear well and spin more body positivity vibes for you every time you wear it.

Getting To Body Positivity

It’s not enough to just look great and save money while shopping for wonderful resale clothing. For us, it’s a mission to help women feel great inside and out. Our body positivity message runs through everything we do, from how we arrange our racks, the size of our dressing rooms and the honest opinions we dish out whenever you ask our opinion. Of course that doesn’t mean we’re harsh, it means we want you leaving our resale boutique feeling better than when you came in. We’re not harsh in our critiques, but if something is not showing off all your best features, we’re going to be gently honest about it. It’s the clothing’s job to make you look great, not the other way around.

Building You Up

Women are beautiful. All women. No exceptions.  External messaging can be relentless, but so are the messages you tell yourself. Your internal messaging  can often derail the body positivity messages you need from it. Sometimes that means redirecting the messages, and allowing your brain to change its circuitry! Switching up the messages you tell yourself about how you look is critical to feeling truly achieving body positivity. Designer clothing on the outside will never outperform negative messaging from your brain. Your brain believe what you tell it – so tell it nice things. Pay compliments, appreciate your favorite features!

Appreciate Where You Are Today

Regardless of your weight, whether you want to change it or not, it’s important to start from a place of acceptance. You are fabulous just as you are. Repeat until you believe it! We can want to change – whether it’s weight or habits, or style – you’re fine as you are. Achieving goals will only reinforce the body positivity message, especially when you start from a firm foundation of “I am OK”.

Be Kind

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve stood next to women in front of a 3-way mirror and listened to them recite all the things wrong with their bodies. It’s a litany of their failures, of all the things they should be doing, but aren’t. And it’s women of ALL sizes who engage in this behavior. From tiny to zaftig and everything in-between. We can be awful to ourselves – the things we say to ourselves we would NEVER say to another woman. Seriously, next time you want to start smack-talking yourself take a second and reflect: would you say this OUT LOUD to anyone else on the planet? Of course not! Being kind to others should be expanded to include ourselves.

Shift Your Thinking

If you read the linked article above, you saw that it can be a self-perpetuating cycle. You make yourself feel bad, which makes you feel worse, which can cause you to engage in less than optimal habits. There’s absolutely no reason to make yourself feel bad if you can make yourself feel good with the same amount of effort, right?

So, yes, we’re a women’s designer resale boutique. What we sell is great used women’s clothing with significant discounts off retail prices. That’s a lot all by itself. It’s not enough though for us to clothe you and help you look fantastic. We truly do want you to feel great inside and out, and it’s one of our core values and our mission to build you up and make you believe what we already know – you are fabulous just the way you are!

Author: Chris Gauger

Chris is a self-confessed resale fashionista. A fashion recycler from an early age, she learned the consignment business from her mother, Jan Gauger, at omt divine resale in Lincoln, Nebraska. Chris moved to Portland, Oregon in 1990 and immediately felt at home, among her people. She started Here We Go Again Deluxe Resale Boutique in 1992 and has never looked back. The second location of her store opened in 1997. Chris loves pretty much everything about clothes and fashion, but she has a serious boot and shoe addiction that is fed by the two stores. It's doubtful she will ever be recovered. In addition to clothes, Chris loves mentoring young women and teaching them about what it takes to run and manage a small business. She has employed some pretty remarkable women over the years and is grateful for all they've done to help grow Here We Go Again. She is a Hoosier by birth, but was raised in Nebraska. She has two sisters who continue to run the consignment store there, and one brother who has sense enough to stay out of the way. Her husband of twenty-seven years, is a land use planner and the fix-anything-guru that Chris relies upon more often than she'd like.

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