6 Fall Must-Haves

Growing up in the Arizonan desert, summer extended well into fall.  The thermometer said mid-80s, but my heart said cardigans, tights, and pumpkin spice lattes.  There had to be some compromise, so I settled for autumnal hues, ambient music, and pumpkin ice cream.  To my extreme seasonal pleasure, now that I live in Portland, I can now embrace Fall wholeheartedly in every way possible.  That means kicking around piles of fallen leaves,  pumpkin-picking in the cold, and wearing layers, layers, layers.  As we anxiously await those brisk Fall days with the promise of rainy afternoons, here are a few of my autumn essentials…

photo 3

Big, soft, knit cardigans 

Easy to layer over any outfit, this breed of cardigan is basically built to wrap around your body and curl up with a warm cup of tea or fresh slice of pecan pie.  Let’s get real–they are basically blankets that make you look cute.



If fall had a mascot, it would definitely be boots.  Not only are they practical, but they can pull together a look. A good boot can elevate an outfit to the next level (sometimes even literally, if you go for a tall heel).  Bonus points if you wear cute socks underneath–who doesn’t love to see their colorful polka dot socks when they kick off their shoes after a long day?

photo 4 

A light jacket

You don’t want something too bulky (save that for winter), but you want something to keep you warm and dry, and allow you to layer underneath.  Something rainproof is always a plus.

photo 1


They’re cozy, they keep you warm, and they can refresh a favorite combo that feels like it needs new life.  If you’re feeling adventurous, paint your nails the same shade as your “on repeat” scarf and you’ll impress those people clever enough to notice your genius.

photo 2

Dark-wash jeans or colorful corduroys

Just like the leaves change their colors, so must we also leave those light-wash jeans behind and opt for darker ones.  Their darker hues will better suit brown and black boots.  Fall doesn’t have to be all dark though–if you want to add some color, a pair of corduroys in a deep red or burnt orange will brighten up a look and add some texture.

 photo 5

A variety of leggings and tights

Because just because it’s getting cold out, doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a skirt or dress.  That’s the beautiful thing about Fall–if you’re sneaky enough, you can pair those year-round favorites (like a sweet leather skirt or a pretty floral dress) with some leggings, boots, and a cardigan and you’ve got an outfit you love.

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